Web Design & Development

A professional website is crucial to your success as an individual or company. We provide services of web design, web development, customized e-commerce solutions & search engine optimization to businesses. Designs of AvexMarketing are search engine friendly , visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Our professional web designers have a passion and expertise for helping organizations, groups, individuals, and businesses look professional. This helps your website look unique, professional, but most importantly drives leads and sales. Our highly skilled developers and experienced programmers use latest softwares, tools and technology to create a full functional web site that exceeds your demand and expectation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Everyone knows that getting to rank 1 of Google search is what constitutes the majority of a business’s success. It is not easy to get there in this ever-changing Internet field. A rank 20 website could be rank 1 overnight, but the vice-versa could also happen. That’s why we work with the latest trends that are proven to work, and follow the meta game in order to achieve that rank 1 position on Google. Ranking will come slow and steadily, but it will be very rewarding once you are at the top.

Social Media

One of the key component to marketing, social media is crucial for getting your brand out there on the Internet. We will ensure that the name of your business will spread like wildfire. It is not uncommon to gain hundreds of followers/fans overnight. Through social outreach, we ensure that your product will have a successful launch campaign.

Reputation Management

Competition among Google is high, your competitors may attempt, or already have utilized black tactics to deface your image and reputation. We will repair, and also suppress future damages by censoring negative complaints or using SEO tactics to influence results. In addition, we will be responding to customer complaints, asking sites to take down incorrect information, and using online feedback to influence positive product development and insights.


Google Adwords campaign is our area of expertise. We will manage your Adwords campaign meticulously to ensure that traffic are coming in from a variety of keywords and manage the ones that are cost effective. We make sure that traffic sources are converting into leads or sales. Aside from Google Adwords, we will also work with several other large PPC companies to diversify investments and to achieve the optimum ROI.


We’ve worked with local businesses and companies in the RTP area to increase their sales by implementing new ideas and strategic marketing methods.

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